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Bloglovin’: Beat the heat!

When you’re living in Dubai, summer can be a real bummer due to the high temperatures. I personally am NOT a fan of summers; I honestly don’t understand why people wait all year long for this kinda weather. I mean stepping out of the house is like taking a walk in an oven. Personally, I don’t prefer spending my summers in Dubai but unfortunately I’m stuck due to my summer semester which is a real bummer!

Here are a few things that I would recommend to beat the heat:
1) Get a good book and cold coffee ingredients cause honestly it’s wiser to spend your time at home rather than melting outdoors.
2)Avoid make up: honestly this heat is REALLY REALLY bad for the skin, the only product that should be on your face should be a good sunscreen.
3)Carry a rosewater spray: I think most of you are aware of this, mix rose water and water together and refrigerate for a few hours and carry it in a spray container and just spray it on your face when you feel exhausted. 
4) Stay HYDRATED: make sure to drink tonnes and tonnes of water; that is the only way to keep calm and beat the heat this summer! 

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