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Photography: is kind of an art!

Photographs define a person, personally I think a lot can be told through a photograph. The poses, the lighting, the environment, all of it done right, can give you a brilliant photograph.
One thing that I’ve learnt about photography, is that you constantly need to work on it to get better. To be honest, I won’t call myself a ‘Hi-Tech PRO photographer’ cause that’s really not what I’m trying to be.
When I take a good photograph, I genuinely feel happy about it. For me, it’s never going to a be a ‘money-making’ business, it’s always going to be the one thing that I do when I need to forget about the world and zone out!

To me, it’s about making art; getting inspired and creating art. Capturing beautiful moments and remembering the story behind it! I would rather call myself an artist than a photographer. Lol! 
Photography is one field that has changed drastically over the years; or maybe professional cameras are more affordable now lol either way it’s always a joy to see photographs; good or bad, a photograph is a photograph with a story behind it. And that story can be fascinating. This is just a mini intro post before I go ahead and post my work; more photography related posts coming up soon! Till then check out my Facebook photography page : Nousheen S. Photography to keep yourselves updated with my lil collection. 

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