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Bloglovin’: Where is not so ‘new’ media taking us?

So it happens to be one of those nights where darling sisterly and I happen to talk about silly things; but tonight the conversation really made me think.
There used to be a time; when photographs were taken to create memories, but now, we live in a world where photographs aren’t just taken to create memories but mainly for social media. The constant urge of updating profiles, posting updates, checking in, is really starting to change perspectives. To a point where all of our daily activities are done for social media. When I think about how the internet used to be before, it was still very much controlled, it was SANE. The number of psychological problems that are increasing due to social media, issues like low self esteem, insecurities, relationships getting ruined mainly due to the fact that social media has changed the meaning of relationships, it’s not just between 2 individuals anymore, its between them and their 300 other friends. Not to forget, that this has ruined relationships.
Not too long ago, I was listening to a radio show & the question of the day was, ‘Why do people cheat?’. And majority of the answers were, that communication has become way to easy, you send a text or a message to someone, start talking, you feel like there’s a ‘great’ connection and boom!
Apart from that, social media has gotten us so hooked that everyone wants to be someone, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it can get to your head, making you insecure.
Don’t get me wrong this isn’t a post about how bad social media is, cause to be honest I’d be a liar if I say that I’m not hooked, but my point being, we’re all missing out.
Missing out on little things, we’re starting to do things for the ‘likes’, not for the self satisfaction.
It’s important to realize that social media profiles don’t really define a person, do things that make you happy and genuinely satisfy you, don’t do things to boost your profiles. I’m only saying this cause I happened to hear a story about a guy who traveled around the world just to post photos and ‘check in’ , which was by far the most bizarre thing I heard today!!


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