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For a dinner night out I decided to pair up my favorite pair of printed pants with a black formal shirt, and added a Gold statement necklace to tie the look together. I could’ve carried a bright statement bag with this look; but instead i decided to keep it simple and carry my black-gold stud handbag.

I can’t even begin to express my love for black gladiators!!!
I think they go SO well with this outfit and even though the trend has died down a bit comparatively; I think they are a MUST HAVE!

The best thing about Summers? The gorgeous floral sun dresses!! I think that sundresses are the PERFECT outfit for hot days! They are light, easy to wear and lets face it; they’re SUPER comfy!

For a day of running errands; I decided to keep it casual and paired up my favorite Rock&Roll blue chic shirt with a pair of black tights and my bronze-ish brown boots!

I personally love jump suits cause according to me, they give a very 70’s look & I’m ALL ABOUT THE 70s!! I think they look fabulous when worn! Skinny girls can pull it off really well.. All you need is the right kinda style and color & you’re good to go.

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