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Fashion Restart

Let’s begin shall we?
If you’re an upcoming fashionista and looking for a fresh start, you’ve come to the right place!
We’ve all been there, the phase where all you feel like doing is starting over. And well for me; starting over begins with a completely new wardrobe.
Changing my basic style, weirdly helps me ‘Restart’.
So what now?
Well first things first; getting rid of all clothing items that have been in your wardrobe for over 3 years and getting rid of pieces that you barely wear! I wouldn’t suggest throwing it all away, but maybe donating it.. That’s what i do! :)
Second; do your research!
Check out different fashionista’s and get inspired by their looks!
Over the years; my biggest fashion inspirations have been Blake Lively,Shenae Grimes, Ashley Benson! Watching 90210,Gossipgirl & PLL really helped develop my fashion instincts. So find out your inspiration :) shenae
Serena_van_der_Woodsen ashley
Third; its important to have your fashion item checklist!
This is a list of basic fashion items that are mandatory to own.
Here’s mine:
1)Red Lipstick: i absolutely LOVE red lip color and I don’t know what I’d do without it. It’s important to choose the shade of red wisely, cause different skin tones require do well with different shades.
2)Fedora Hat:this is one of my favorite accessory; it works for all seasons and let’s face it; it’s super stylish!!
3)Biker Chic jacket: be it white or black, every girl needs a biker chic jacket in her wardrobe; for road trips or just plain ‘blah’ days.
4)Skinny jeans: a good pair of fitted skinny jeans is a MUST have. Case closed; no questions asked.
5)Hoops & statement chains: even though they’re not very trendy this season; hoops and long chains are a must have, they tie every outfit together, be it girly dressy look or hardcore biker chic look.
6)Good pair of glasses: I’ve always felt very ‘celebrity-like’ in my big shades! So a good pair of shades are a MUST!
7)Basic White T-shirt & a pretty Black Dress: a wardrobe is definitely incomplete without these 2 items!
8)A black blazer: blazers have gone super trendy this season! They tie every look together, be it casual or formal. So run out and buy a blazer TODAY!
9)Black pumps: a pair of good black pumps in every wardrobe is a necessity.
10)A Big bag: lastly, a big stylish bag is important to carry all your stuff and look stylish at the same time.
Now its time for you to create your list and hit the Restart button :)
Keep it loud ladies x

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