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A personal style & fashion inspiration blog written by a Fashion enthusiast raised in the Middle East 

Here’s a lil something:

My name is Nousheen & I was born and bought up in Dubai. I’ve recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies. Since most of my time in university has gone by writing articles and learning about photography, I decided to combine the two and start a fashion blog of my own. I’ve been blogging for roughly about three years. I write about fashion that inspires me, my own personal style & people who have inspired me over the years.

Coming from an Eastern background, my style aims at combining both Eastern & Western cultures/fashion together. The purpose of this blog is to do what makes me happy, which is writing about two of my favorite things, fashion & photography.

I often post about make up too, and my reviews on the product are purely based on my opinion, if I don’t like a certain product, I will not blog about it.


Follow me on instagram : @msloud07


Tonnes of love

N x

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