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The Purple Skirt Story

As I sit here and start to write this post, I’m noticing how word press has changed it’s layout which means that it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything- roughly a month or two I guess.

I always try to stay consistent, but I’m only human and running a personal blog sometimes can be a lil overwhelming especially when you have a lot going on in your personal life (don’t wanna get into details though)

Point being, I hope everyone’s doing well and alright during this pandemic!

Coming back to the post, I decided to write an ‘outfit post’ – a purple skirt that is very very dear to me- styled three ways!

I was randomly walking at the mall in Islamabad last year (March 2019- to be precise) getting some shopping done before meeting a friend of mine and suddenly I came across this very cool store (I can’t remember the name though) that had these gorgeous skirts/pants and dresses. I entered the store and got lost in the beautiful pieces in front of me! It was honestly heaven for someone like me.

As I was browsing through the brilliant dresses in front of me I came across ‘THE PURPLE SKIRT” and i fell in love instantly. I had to get it! And ever since then I’ve worn it, taken care of it, created memories in it, and also worn it to shoots.

Here’s how I styled the skirt on different occasions:

Look #1: Denim jacket + Statement T-shirt + Purple Skirt

I styled this for a shoot last year and I loved this whole look! I love adding sneakers to a look that includes a skirt (if that makes sense) I feel it’s very me!

Look # 2: Cropped Floral Collar Shirt + Purple Skirt + Blue Denim Heels

I styled this look for a dinner night out and absolutely loved it! I carried my ‘camera’ clutch bag with it and tied my hair in a top knot, I think the entire look was pretty chic! Can’t wait to wear this outfit again!!

Look # 3: Over sized T-shirt + Purple Skirt + Gladiators

For a girls night out, I decided to keep it super casual and put together this comfy look! I personally love my bag, got it on sale! If you follow me on Instagram, then you know the deets already!

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