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The Solar Eclipse Might Be The Reason You’re Feeling Extra Restless Today

Incase you were feeling extra restless, tired or anxious today – know that it was because of the solar eclipse.

Turns out that solar eclipses can affect your mood and mental health.

I personally felt it, I woke up in the weirdest mood today and thought it was just me but then after a little bit of research I figured that a lot of us may be feeling this way because of the eclipse.

NASA clearly states on its website that solar eclipses, “have always been capable of producing profound psychological effects.”

It can make you feel less energetic, more restless and anxious than usual. It can also bring up some unpleasant emotions so be sure to take extra self care today.

Splurge as much as you want, get your favorite comfort food, take the day off if you want or just head to the spa.

Incase you experience emotions that you don’t wanna feel 

This can be a time for heightened emotions for a lot of people and you might find yourself dealing with some difficult feelings. But know that it’s very temporary and it will pass!


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