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Breaking Fashion Norms: Zara Peerzada, Rubab Ali & Rehmat Ajmal- The Desi Bridesmaids

The Eman Suleman Shaadi has gotten plenty of attention in the past few days mainly because of how it bought back the feeling of the 80s.

From her decor to her dress to the vibes- it was all very old school, retro and beautiful.

Which brings me to the bridesmaids

Eman’s girl gang was also spotted breaking the shaadi fashion norms by decking up in super cool attire.

Not the traditional pants with kameezes and all that, but they all genuinely came to the wedding in outfits that defined their own personal style not what ‘society’ thinks is appropriate.

Zara Peerzada, Rubab Ali & Rehmat Ajmal were one of the few guests who definitely made a statement with all of their outfits for the wedding setting a whole new level for future bridesmaids.

Zara Peerzada’s Pant Suit look is a MOOD




The gorgeous model straight up wore a boss lady pant suit paired with traditional jewellery and a beautiful duppata that tied the whole look together.

And let’s not forget the rose colored glasses. The entire look is a MOOD!

She probably had an amazing time at the shaadi one of the reasons being that she was wearing something that looks super chic and comfy.

z6 z8

These were her other looks from the wedding, personally love the minimalism that she has going on in the Saari outfit, her jewellery in both the looks are to die for!

Rubab Ali’s different Saaris


That green saari paired with a slightly puffy sleeve shirt definitely gives a very 80’s vibe. The color, the pattern- all of it is absolutely stunning.

You can see her personal touch to the look with the minimal make up that she has on.


The other look was this gorgeous red saari that she wore in a pant saari style paired with a belt.

This entire photograph can qualify as a shot of a wedding photo from the 80s, thanks to the colors and style that the bridesmaids had going on.

Rehmat Ajmal keeps it sweet & chic

a3 a1 a2

Rehmat keeps it simple and sweet in her beautiful parrot green outfit. The details of this outfit are what makes it stand out.

The puffy sleeves and the body hugging kameez is what I love the most about this whole look.

So basically..

These girls have set a very high fashion standard for all the upcoming desi shaadis.

The pressure is no longer just on the bride to make a fashion statement but also on the bridesmaids.

Absolutely LOVE these girls for bringing their own personal touch and style to every look at the wedding.

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