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Taking Care Of Your Skin This Season

It’s no secret that having a skin routine in your 20s is a MUST. I used to be very careless about this and believe me I see what everyone was talking about.

At my last photoshoot, the make up artist, she was in her early 40s and I kid you not she could qualify for a 25 year old.

Anyway she told me how important it is to start taking care of your skin young so that you don’t have major skin issues when you’re older.

I don’t usually do these kinds of posts, but the products that I’ve been using deserve a dedicated post.

A few months ago I was invited to a Petite Maison launch event. It was a lot of fun, met some nice people, got to know the brand more. They gave me this whole skin range to try out, that tbh I was a lil hesitant about because I’m scared to try on new products as my skin is super sensitive.

But then I did try it and OMG! They had a whole skin range with a lot of products but I’m going to be talking about my three absolute favorite that I feel everyone should get their hands on this season.


If you have super sensitive skin then trust me, these three products are all you’ll need.


My absolute favorite is the Rub cleanser, I’ve never used a product like that before. While using it you can literally feel the dead skin and dirt coming out of your skin.


The face scrub is super gentle on the skin, and all these products have grapefruit or pink pomelo extract that works on reducing marks on your skin and after using these products for a good three weeks, I can definitely recommend it to you guys!

The last is the hydrating cream which is BRILLIANT if you have dry skin, so make sure to get your hands on these game changing products.

You can buy the products online here. 

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