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A New Destiny Can Happen

Over the last few months, I feel closer to God. As unlike me as it sounds, I feel all the time that I took for myself did me some good and helped me gain back my faith, I’m not the most religious person you’ll meet but I do have my moments with God and I do have a spiritual side to myself that gives me a sense of being. I’m a firm believer of destiny, I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and I most certainly do believe that people cross our paths for a reason. There’s no doubt there.

Every day we are given a choice. We wake up, decide if we wanna have breakfast – Yes or No. We decide what we wanna eat – Egg or Cereal. I’ve met people in the past who’ve been in situations and told me things like ‘oh we’re in this, cause we don’t have a choice’, that’s not true. Everyone has a choice.

If you make the right choices or let’s say make the wise choices, a new destiny can happen to you. Even better than the one you had initially planned in your head. The places we go to or the people we meet, teach us things – they let us learn more about life.

A few years ago, after a work event, at the after party, I met someone who spoke to me about soulmates. He was a married man, and he was telling me about how you end up meeting a soulmate anytime anywhere. Even though he was married, he told me about how he had met his soulmate at some Yoga retreat. That didn’t make him disloyal towards his wife, but the whole point was that sometimes life can surprise you. What you think you need today is not necessarily something you’d want tomorrow. Choices, even though everyone has ’em, it can still be very scary. It was his choice to get married young, to the woman that he thought was the love of his life, but years later, he ended up meeting someone else who according to him was his soulmate.

So what do you pick? The love of your life or a soulmate?

I mean I do respect him for sticking to wife, that is a commitment, and that is something that he picked for himself all those years ago. But after that night, I always wondered if he was happy. I mean, we do get ONE life. (this is a topic for another day, time to come back to choices and destiny)

Now and then I do think about how differently my life would’ve turned out if I did things a little differently. I guess everyone has those moments. I don’t regret anything or anyone, but I do think about how I could’ve had a shot at a different destiny, a different story if I would’ve done things differently.

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