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A Rant: What happened last night?


So last night I was sitting and randomly browsing Netflix after a super moody day. And I came across this documentary called ‘The American Meme’, it was based on social media so obviously I watched it.

It was about Paris Hilton and a few other celebrities who maintained their brand through social media and got more recognition. One guy in it, is actually famous for partying..

I’ve been having some anxiety with social media to be honest, and this usually happens when I feel like I’ve lost balance.

It feels like there is this constant pressure to be relevant and its a rat race if you think about it. We post something and we expect instant validation from strangers which is so bizarre but its addictive. Everyone’s been going mad over Instagram algorithms including me which is so weird, WHY DO WE NEED THIS VALIDATION?

I don’t even know what social media is going to be like in the next 20 years, we’re already having a hard time differentiating between reality and false reality (I cant think of the right word to use here.)

I was having a conversation with a friend last week and we were talking about another friend being so happy cause his Instagram feed was, how do I put this, positive? Happy? In love?

What we know is that no one ever posts their failures on social media but we always keep forgetting this. Before, photos were actually taken for fun; now they’re taken because well everyone’s taking ’em, can’t help but think that we’re all clones.

With the year ending, I think this is a good time to reflect a little on this. Social media has it’s perks but I think I need to re-evaluate it. I don’t want to take the pressure of posting content just because everyone else is posting it. I talk/post about what I like and I want to be able to do that on my own timeline. This pressure that the internet puts on people that you need to be quick, you need to be relevant etc is bizarre and useless. It’s important that you identify your own reality and do things accordingly.

I started blogging because I liked having my own little space where I can be creative and talk about fashion along with other things that I like. That’s about it.

We end up comparing ourselves to other people without even realizing it, that’s when you’re letting social media get to you.

I don’t want to push myself to make content everyday, I want to do it when I feel creative.

The key is to, do what you like without taking the pressure of being relevant and on time or whatever. It’s not a contest. Its an expression. Express yourself through your platforms without it getting toxic for you.

These thoughts kept me up till 2am and it was exhausting..

Rant over.

Lots of love,


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