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Pink Sweater Weather

Hello lovelies!

So it’s getting slightly chilly in the evenings here in Dubai, and I’ve decided to put together a few outfit inspirations for you guys to invest in this winter.

I personally hate how long it’s taking for winters to hit Dubai this time around, I’ve been in Islamabad for the last two winters and I miss it so much! But anyway let’s get back to the post, below are a few cute looks that you can try out this winter!

This outfit can be shopped from Forever 21

I personally love this dusty warm pink sweatshirt, I think it goes wonderfully with the cropped wide leg jeans along with a statement bag & sunglasses, of course!

This outfit can be shopped from Shein

Who doesn’t love bell bottoms? I mean they make you look taller! And trend alert: snakeskin print is back in style ladies. Create the ultimate outfit for a shopping day or just hanging out with the girls with this gorgeous salmon pink hoodie/sweatshirt!

This outfit can be shopped from Zara

This look is my personal favorite, I think it’s quite elegant and comfy at the same time. I love pairing skirts with sweaters & sweatshirts.

This outfit can be shopped from Newlook

I liked the floral pants with this sweatshirt as well which is why I created two looks. Adding a little print to your outfit really gives it a pop!


How are you styling your sweaters this winter?

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