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My lazy day outfits

Hello beautiful people!

Believe it or not there are days when I can’t glam up, I personally think I don’t glam up as much as other girls do but my family doesn’t agree with that! I have specific lazy day outfits in my wardrobe that I wear mostly because let’s face it, I’m a moody child and dolling up can be work sometimes.

Basic T-shirt / jeans & shoes : this is legit my go to outfit, I have so many T-shirts in my wardrobe! They’re just so easy to style and somehow you always look good in em. And let’s not forget comfort. So comfy!

A jumpsuit: okay I’m putting this in my lazy outfits category because you don’t really need to put alot of thought in it. Styling jumpsuits is by far the easiest, you can pair ’em up with shoes or heels and look stylish!

A white formal shirt & jeans: okay this is not exactly a lazy day outfit but it is for me because I only spent a minute styling this look. A white formal shirt is a must have! I got mine from the men’s section, I don’t like fitted formal shirts because I don’t feel too comfy in ’em! So a white formal shirt with a cute pair of jeans and flip flops!

Pjs & and a sweatshirt: this is by far my most favorite lazy day outfit! 😂

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