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Fighting Monday Blues: Remembering Seychelles

Is there anything more beautiful than the ocean? Just a mysterious world, a beautiful deep blue- I speak of the ocean.

I keep getting flashbacks of my trip to Seychelles 🇸🇨 back in August 2016. Its been two years and I still find myself dreaming about the delicious food, the breathtaking views and the humble people.

I remember why I took this trip. It was because I wanted to go surprise my bestfriend in Australia but my visa got rejected and I got depressed, you see that phase of my life was a lil sad. I was going through a heartbreak and at the time it felt like it was the end of the world. I remember thinking how much I wanted the want. Even though I was on this beautiful gorgeous island 🌴 I kept thinking about all the things I could’ve done to make it right, to make it work. But it was only later that I understood that sometimes certain things are not meant to be and sometimes that’s okay.

My sister was with me on this therapeutic trip of mine. This trip was her idea. She wanted me out of this cray cray zone.I cant even begin to explain how lucky I felt having her by my side. She would listen to me let me vent, give me the best advice and help me understand how life works.

I remember sitting with her at this rooftop cabin sorta place, she was smoking shisha and listening to me vent about every single thing. It was a good day.

With her, I got to experience a new place, new people and learn about the culture in Seychelles 🇸🇨. It was so much fun! We had outfits planned for each day, each activity. We would wake up every morning , have breakfast with an ocean view. And throw on our amazing outfits and head out.

My sister has always been the one person who I can run to with any of my problems. There are zero judgements and only solutions. I know I don’t realize it often but I’m lucky that way.

This trip of mine was therapeutic in a sense that I finally accepted things for what they were. There was no bullshit anymore. Staring at the sunset by the ocean every evening helped alot. I felt like my problems were tiny in front of the big blue sea! 🌊

And by the night time, I would stare at the starry sky 🌌. Dad always tells me, ‘Whenever you feel like things are falling apart, step out and look up! There is nothing bigger than the sky. You’re problems are nothing in front of the open sky.’

I did that. It does work.

After that trip, I realized the importance of traveling and discovering new places. I have travelled before when I was younger but in my head that doesn’t count. It’s so important to see what the world has to offer. The world is magical and I learnt that from my sister who encourages every soul to travel and see the world cause that’s what she does. Sometimes I feel like we were only sent to this world to experience God’s creation, see the magical places that he created. I’m a firm believer of magic and it’s out there in every corner of the world 🌍 ✨

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