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Trend Alert: Socks & Sandals



Is it just me or are style trends from Britney Spears ’90s music videos making a comeback this winter? That’s right ladies, it’s time to go sock shopping- pick out the most funkiest prints and pair ’em with your heels and sandals. High knee socks are by far the most flattering and winter friendly trends of all time. Pair them with ankle boots, heels, flats – anything and they’ll instantly make you look stylish. It’s highly important that you get the right size of socks, so that it enhances your legs and is comfortable to wear. If you want to be mistaken for a fashion blogger then just buy yourself some socks and wear ’em with heels.

socks2 socks


Quick Tips:

  • For parties, try pairing glittery socks with heels.
  • Wear all black, and add a pop of color to your look by wearing red or shocking pink socks with black heels.
  • Try lacy socks with classic black pumps to get your vogue on!
  • Pair grey or black socks with your summer heels or sandals to make it work through winters.



Photo credits: Pinterest

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  1. I’m bloody terrified of feet so I’m so grateful for this trend tbh! We always mock socks and sandals but it would save me so much fear everytime I leave the house in summer haha xo ps love your tips- glittery socks for the win

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