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Blast from the past


Hello fashion geeks!

After stalking some of my favorite celebrities and fashion influencers – I’ve realized that some specific trends have really come back and stayed with us for a while this year.

Most of em are from the ’90s – remember the ’90s? Where having a Tamagotchi hanging on your bagpack was considered next level cool? (If you don’t know what a Tamagotchi is, please google RIGHT NOW). Personally, I miss the simple things like texting wasnt huge back then, photos were only taken to put in an album, the simplest plans such as going out for ice cream was an adventure on its on.

But now here we are, trying to impress people we don’t really care about with things that we don’t really care about. I think social media on its own has made people so insecure about so many things like how they should look or what they should wear. I know people who only do things just to put it up on their social media – honestly please stop doing that. Do things that you like with people that you care about, thats all there is to life. I’d be a hypocrite if I said that social media is awful and terrible, its really not. Just don’t let it shape you into someone that you’re not.

Coming back to the post, alot of trends are coming back this season- choker is here to stay (at least till the year ends)


To be very honest, I wasn’t a fan of this trend initially but it grew on me. It just looks so darn cooooool now!! Am i right?!


The flare jeans & white shoes: this is everywhere!! The white shoes are perfect for adding a statement to the outfit. Flare jeans are definitely my go to jeans!


The ripped jeans trend: Monica Geller did it before it was done by everyone.


Layering the slip dress trend: this one is my most favorite! Any kind of slip dress can be layered with a tee, cropped top or even sweaters – it really depends on your personal style.

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