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Get the look : Daenerys Targaryen [GOT Edition 1]

Hello fashion geeks!

Lately I’ve been obsessed with two things, number 1, making fashion related mood boards and number 2, GAME OF THRONES! Until last year I was part of the 0.5% population that never bothered watching a single episode of GOT. But the beginning of this year, I started watching it thanks to my beautiful siblings for introducing me to this OH SO BRILLIANT TV show.

 I decided to combine my two obsessions and create something that will inspire you beautiful people. I have decided to do a weekly ‘Get the look’ post that will feature all of my favorite characters from Game Of Thrones. This week it’s Khaleesi aka Mother of Dragons aka Daenerys Targaryen!

If I could be any character from this series I would definitely be Khaleesi! How amazing would it be to have my very own dragons! Or I would be Jon Snow, or Arya, or Tyrion! It’s too hard to pick, but for now I present to you the Mother of Dragons: 




Products: Ribbed Top , Ring, Sandals , Wrap Skirt.


Products: Arm Band , Sandals , Maxi Dress.


Products: Dress , Statement Necklace.


Products: Necklace, Boots , Jeans , Top.

These were some of my personal favorite looks from the series. Make sure to watch this space for more amazing GOT celebrity looks! Do tell me who your favorite character from the series is.


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