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Life | Hometown Glory!

This time around when I decided to take my mini vacation to  Islamabad (as I do most of the time) , my sister joined me for two days. Now here’s the deal, my family usually visits Lahore, because that’s where we’re initially from. But you see, I happen to love Islamabad. It’s by far one of the most refreshing cities, if you’ve been there then you know what I’m talking about and if you haven’t, then you’re missing out- for sure!

Two days, I spent doing touristy things with my sister – and it was by far the best sisters quality time that we spent together. We explored different places, I got to show her places that I usually hang out at with my friends, so it was pretty cool.


I think everyone in life goes through a specific situation where they feel like their perspective has changed. My mini getaway with a few of my friends to one of the most beautiful places helped me change my not so positive thinking.

Being around water and mountains helped me gain a very strong perspective, the one that allowed me to be calm and handle things with a little humor. I think part of it also comes from the people that you’re surrounded with. Its no surprise that we are a product of the people and environment we’re around. It’s important to always keep yourself surrounded with people who bring out the best in you. And its important to go to places even if its in the same country but a different city, JUST GO! You never know what place can inspire you or what stories can be created in that specific place. Get out of your comfort zone and take every chance you get, because thats what life is about the small small experiences that lead to amazing stories.

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