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Fashion Forecast | Marc Jacobs Fall Collection 2015

Apart from keeping tabs on the fashion events in Dubai, I do like browsing through New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week to gain wider information on the latest fashion trends. I like knowing about the upcoming trends and the inspiration that designers tend to display through their designs.

Even though, a lot of designers and brands have been sharing their Summer/Spring 2016 collection lately, I do want to write about my favorite pieces from the Fall Collection (duh! cause it’s autumn right now) and share it with my beautiful readers!

Marc Jacobs Fall collection 2015 consists of grommet leather, silk, nail-head studs, embroideries. The whole collection reflects the feminine side but in an extreme manner. The old fashioned concept of double faced coats and razor cuts is noticed in this collection. The evening wear consists of sheer long gowns which added to the spectacular collection. The one thing that I absolutely adore is the fact that his inspiration behind the set design was drawn by the wonderful and brilliant Diana Vreeland’s apartment who was by far the most iconic woman in the fashion industry (trust me I’ve watched documentaries, I’m obsessed with her). The whole line was quite polished which reflected Diana Vreeland herself, who believed in always staying put together and polished.


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My thoughts: What I love the most about the whole collection is how the patterns have such a ’60s vibe to them. I absolutely love the bold colors and the mixing of prints. Every piece that includes sequin is automatically my personal favorite! The use of sheer fabric in some of the pieces is absolutely beautiful.

Which look is your favorite?

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