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Control. The one thing that we think we can do, but what we don’t realize is that we can’t control situations or people around us for that matter. The constant feeling that everything is under our control is a myth. Fate & destiny play a huge role in our lives, but we constantly keep forgetting that.

Our life journey consists of a lot people who’ve helped us become what we are today, people that come into our lives have a role, big or small  – still have an impact sometimes we see it instantly, sometimes it can take years to see it.

The only thing that we actually can control in our daily lives is behavior. Situations or people can always surprise us but our response and behavior towards that helps us grow. For instance, someone talks lowly of you and pretends like it never happened; the best way to deal with that is ignore – behavior says a lot about a person .The key to having a neutral behavior is practicing kindness. Something so basic yet most of us have trouble incorporating it in our day to day lives.

I’m the kind of person who has the habit of being blunt which is a good quality to have I believe but not when it makes someone else feel bad. Being kind to people is one of the most principles of life. It’s always nice to have a filter in your mind before putting words out there in the universe.

Communication has become a part of everyday life in this era, which means that we have the option of conveying everything that pops into our mind instead of actually thinking about it first. It’s important to try being a neutron in someone else’s life instead of bringing them down.


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