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Confessions of a fashion blogger.

Hello my beautiful readers!

So I was recently going through some of my usual favorite fashion blogs. You know you wake up in the morning browse through the latest news, blogs etc. And I thought to myself – it’s insane how many fashion bloggers are out there, including myself. It’s no doubt that fashion blogging has become the most ‘in’ thing at the moment, which is great; the more the merrier! 

Therefore, I decided to do a blog post on what the real deal is with fashion bloggers.

First off, we spend a lot of time on OOTDs (outfit of the day) 

It’s not just about looking pretty and dressing up for a nice day out – it’s mostly about creating a blog post out of it (lol- I mean I prefer walking out in jeans and shoes most of the time but can’t do a post on that every time DUH!) 

And when we finally have the perfect outfit sorted, the next bit are pictures. I personally don’t like taking photographs in public (I’m trying though lol) because there are so many people just staring at you wondering why you’re doing the ‘what am I wearing pose’ out in a mall! Apart from that, getting one decent shot where you’re not looking chubby or you’re face looks perfect can take an hour. And when finally we do have one good, decent outfit of the day photograph – we end up spending almost an hour on editing! 

Second, heels Vs flats. 

Let’s face it there is always an option of wearing heels or flats with an outfit. Now you may usually prefer wearing flats (cause I mean obviously they’re so much more comfortable especially during a mall crawl- and lets face it who would wanna walk around in high heels when there is always an option of flats?). But in an OOTD post you will see the whole look completed with a pair of heels- since it does make the outfit look way better. Now the reality behind that is , we wore the pair of heels just for the sake of the photo and then instantly switched back to the pair of flats in our bags (and I’m not even kidding- every girl who wears heels always has a spare pair of flats in her bag; trust me!)

Third, the fact that fashion bloggers shop all the time.

Now some bloggers out there might really have a huge closet with the most expensive things but that’s not usually the case with most fashion bloggers. Being a fashion blogger can be a wee bit expensive and when it comes to shopping we usually end up shopping at stores like forever 21, newlook , splash during sale season (this is true- trust me; I go insane during summer sales in Dubai)

Fourth, most of the time I look pretty basic.

Ok, so usually when I go out for errands or a mall crawl session I look pretty average – just throw on whatever you feel like kinda days (yaaaaa know whaaaaa I’m sayiiinnn) – and  usually the pictures that you may see on Instagram will be of the days when I actually did put in the efforts in styling my look which means spending almost an hour on deciding what to wear, the shoes, the bag, the make up etc etc.

So well there you go that’s the reality behind fashion blogging! This may not necessarily be the case with everyone, but if you can relate – make sure to let me know and share it! 

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