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Fashion | Trend alert: Bucket bags.

Hello my Fashion Geeks!!
Growing up, my favorite accessory was always a BAG. I could never EVER step out of the house without carrying a handbag or a tote bag. And because of that I grew up having a separate section in my wardrobe completely dedicated to my bags.
Being a fashion blogger, I like doing research on upcoming trends, and the ones that I love, are mostly the ones that I write about. So, the upcoming summer trend for this year are BUCKET BAGS!
The best part about bucket bags are that they are structured but not too structured and can be styled with both casual and formal looks.
If you’re more of a rock n roll kinda gal, then you can pair up a tribal printed bucket bag with harem pants and a cropped top.
Product & Image Courtesy: Forever 21
If you’re more of a girly girl, then you can pair up any fancy short dress with stockings and a studded, slightly structured bucket bag.
Image 6 of PERFORATED BUCKET BAG from Zara
Product & Image Courtesy: Zara
The beauty of this bag is that it’s not too out there but still is very stylish and fashionable. Make sure to invest in a bucket bag this season to sling over your shoulder!
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All the love!

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