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Be your best self.

Image via lehnathebastard.tumblr

I came across this image on tumblr and it got me thinking. The web 2.0 technology has set a huge impact on the way that girls think. Apps such as instagram or any other photo related apps has pressurized teenagers or young adults to think a certain way. What I notice is that being skinny, tall, having big beautiful eyes are considered drop dead gorgeous and it’s a shame that people don’t necessarily see how unique and different they were made to build up their own unique identity.
Fashion magazines and models may portray an image of how people should be. But I want you to take a step back and admire everything about yourself. You’re one of God’s most unique creations and it’s important to be thankful about that. The image that society portrays isn’t what you should be after, it’s your own sense of being yourself that makes you stand out from others. Always focus on having a good heart and always admire yourself rather than trying to be something you’re not. That will take you a along way xx

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