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Skin care: Strawberry face masks!

Lately, I’ve been paying quite alot of attention to my skin. Which is something that I should’ve been doing as a teenager but oh well!
Understanding your skin and taking care of it is really important, cause if you don’t take care of it now; sooner or later it will lead to problems like acne, blackheads & blemishes.
I personally like trying out different face masks every now & then. I try to keep it natural, mainly because my skin is super sensitive and practically reacts to everything! 
Strawberries are not only delicious to eat but are actually very good for the skin. Because it consists of Vitamin C, alpha hydroxyl acid, aspartic acid, ellagic acid, follate and fiber; it protects the skin from blackheads, acne and dark spots. 
Strawberry + Honey Face Mask 

Ingredients : 2 strawberries 
1 Tablespoon honey 
In a bowl crush the strawberries and add the spoon of honey and mix it. 
Then wash your face gently with warm water, wipe and then rub the mixture on your face for two mins, and keep it on for 15 mins. 
The strawberry texture makes a great scrub that gently removes dirt and dead cells from the skin. Honey lightens dark spots and keeps the skin hydrated.
Always make sure to apply a face mask atleast once a week to get rid of dead skin and excess oils from the skins surface. 

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