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Instapost: 2015


First of all,
The last month has been very busy with the holiday season, I had a few friends visiting and well that kept me away from the blogging world. But I’m back with many more upcoming blog posts so watch this space.
2014 has been a very good year for me! Many events took place in my personal life, for instance, my graduation. I think a part of me also realized how important it is to be where you are in the moment. Worrying about something that you can’t handle or change will never help. And I think the people who I met in 2014 helped me realize that. I’m grateful for every blessing, appreciating what you have is one of the basics that I learnt last year.
As weird as this may sound, I actually feel a difference. Have you ever felt a difference in who you were a few years ago and who you are now? I mean I know people change everyday and we grow everyday but how many of us actually notice the change and observe how it has made us better or worse? 
It’s scary how time is passing so fast, it’s 2015 alreadyyy?!
The thing about time is that it’s slow enough to make us feel like nothing is changing, and fast enough to make us realize in seconds that everything has changed. 

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