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Style diaries: Quick trends!

To be honest, I haven’t really been too regular with the blog lately, mainly because I’m finally through with University and I’m really just taking some time off.

But every now and then I browse through some trends that I make a mental note of and well here are a few for now:

1) Pant Suits: If you don’t have these; I suggest you go on and invest in one. They’re perfect for work and even for universities (specific presentation days! )

2) Palazzo Pants: I think I’ve blogged a million times about this; but honestly I think they happen to be the most comfortable piece of clothing! I’ve had a phase where I would invest in all types of printed palazzos and then I switched to printed jeggings ( I really don’t know why though)! But to be honest; nothing beats the style and comfort of palazzo pants.

They’re absolutely stylish and perfect for a long day at work or just hanging out with a few friends!

3) Dresses paired with blazers: This isn’t a look for everyone; it really doesn’t suit me much. But it still happens to be one of my favorites!

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