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April haul!!!

For those of you who live in Dubai; I’m sure you guys are finally getting ready for the unbearable heat that will pretty soon be upon us! Well it’s not all so bad; to be honest I can’t wait to finally hit the pool; enjoy fruity drinks; read some good books and just relax! When I finally got back from my mini-vacay; I hit the stores and bought a few products; keeping in mind that I have to finally get ready for the summers in Dubai! (For those of you who know me personally, I don’t like spending summers in Dubai cause it gets unbearably hot; but unfortunately I need to get done with my summer semester; hence the stay).

Here are my top 5 products for April:
1) The Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish: this is by far one of my favourite products this year; I personally love how it acts like a body scrub and at the same time smells like heaven!!!
2) H&M Nude Eyeshadows: I think this eye shadow palette is a MUST have! It has all the neutral shades and can be used on daily basis.
3) Bourjois Paris Happy Light Foundation: To be honest; I’ve had some major problems in finding the right kinda foundation that would suit my skin; I have really sensitive skin and most products don’t really suit my skin; but I finally managed to find one that works perfectly! I personally love how light this foundation is, and it happens to give a very natural touch! So this is a definite yes yes!
4) Matte Pink Nailpolish: I think this is one of the basic necessary nail paint according to me, pink happens to add a pop of color to any dull outfit! 
5) Labello Fruity Shine: lastly; a good lip balm to keep the lips moistured! 

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