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Reality hit.

The dictionary defines feelings as:
1. Having the ability to react or feel emotionally; sentient; sensitive.

2. Easily moved emotionally; sympathetic: a feeling heart.

3. Expressive of sensibility or emotion: a feeling glance.

The ability to feel for someone, the idea of letting someone in revolves around the basic emotion of feelings. People are bound to disappoint us at some point or another, that’s a given, but what if we never recover from that disappointment? I personally respect and applaud people who put themselves out there after being disappointed for the 60thmillion time!

The most recent lesson that I’ve learn t is that not all feelings are meant to turn into something important or something big. Sometimes you come across someone who happens to change you, who happen to bring the good and bad in you. This person can perhaps also be your soul mate! Who knows! But then again, if this person’s your soul mate, he/she probably has the potential to make you feel like you’re the only soul that exists or shake you up and tear your ego apart. Either way, this person is probably going to be the most important person you meet in your life.

Some die hard romantics would kill to end up with their soul mates, but my advice would be to walk away.  Because I don’t believe in giving that much power or control to someone who may or may not break you. x
MsLoud x

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