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Bloglovin’ : To whom it may concern

So a friend of mine recently asked me why I started this blog?
I mean initially I did start a fashion blog about 2 years ago but I didn’t stick through with it. I think the main reason why I like being part of creative fields or things are well firstly, my field, what I’m studying revolves around it.. My family has always encouraged me to make my own choices freely without being pressurized by anything . Also, being the baby of the house has given me a great benefit of being whoever I wanna be! At least that’s what I was taught and quite frankly, It’s still what I’m learning! When I look around and see all these other people, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs etc, I do ask myself, If I’m doing something important that might help or change the world some day. But darling sisterly recently explained it to me, that it’s important to love what you do, it’s important to be happy with the choices you make in life, & quite frankly I would’ve killed myself if I was a boring finance or med student, no offense to anyone. It’s just that I’m a different kinda girl! I cant imagine myself at a boring job! I’m a LOUD person & all I want to do is be out there on my own & learn new things.
Anyway, getting back to the topic. Even as kids, my parents never forced me to study something that I didn’t like. I still remember my first career preference: A fashion designer! And it wasn’t cause I was such a fashionista at 10! It was mainly cause my eldest sister used to design kick ass outfits, she had this file with all these designs that she would sketch every now & then, and all I would wanna do was get them stitched and wear ’em. And well, that inspired me to be a fashion designer, but as I grew older I came across different fields, more creative ones! Which finally led me to something that I love, Journalism & PR. Being a media student allows you to be whoever you wanna be! Literally! However, this doesn’t mean that I’ve given up on my fashion designer dream! I actually am working on a few projects that hopefully will bring out the designer in me lol. But anyway, coming back to the point, MEDIA STUDENT! so yeh, whenever someone asks me, ‘why do you love photography so much?’, my answer always ends with, ‘I’m a media student’. I think the same goes with this fashion blog. I’m a fashion blogger, cause, well this lil girl always wanted to be a designer/ an artist. There’s something about clothes that makes me happy! If I’m having a crappy day or if I’m stressed out, retail therapy works on me everytime! I think my drastic fashion lover phase started when I was 15! And I was at a sleepover at my best friend’s place and we got into this long detailed discussion on how we need to take control of our lives & how we need to change everything about ourselves, the way we think, the way we deal with issues & of course the way we dress up.The first thing that popped into our minds was of course a wardrobe makeover! That evening when I got back home, I literally donated 3/4 of my closet, my family thought I was psychotic, but that did help! Ever since then, my love for fashion has increased! My taste in fashion is wayyyyy better! lol
And yes, that incident did change me, in a good way (:

I think that’s enough!
for now at least 😉 
Keep it loud ladies

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