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Bloglovin’: Let it go tonight.

Lately I’ve been thinking about how everything manages to take its own time; but finally when the time’s right; it changes. I know its a typical thought that everything changes with time, but its SO true.

My day started off with a crappy mood, super low to be precise and the temperature outdoors was a 100 degrees!! I went out in my pjs, didn’t bother getting ready so you can imagine my level of crappy ‘moodness’. And no matter how strong you are; there are times when you’re just NOT okay and in the end that’s who we all are. Also I’m on vacation so I’m away from home & family, which gives me plenty of time and space to think about my decisions and my upcoming future projects. This morning I couldn’t even get myself to smile, however, by the end of the day, everything changed! The weather got better; it started raining & I’m a sucker for rain! Like I can literally live in a place where it rains all year long and never complain. And well with rain, came that feeling. The ‘OK’ feeling. This summer everything is different. The things that I wished for; well I finally got ’em. I do believe that when you really want something; and you really wish or pray for it, you do get it. But there’s no guarantee that when you do get it; you might still want it as much as before. That’s the funny thing about time. It has the potential to make or break you. But in the end time heals everything.

With time, I’ve clearly realized that nothing is forever, because there’s always a point where your heart says: ‘STOP! & let it go’. Because life is like sand in our grip; the more you try to hold on, the more it slips away.
In the end, nothing is forever, my thoughts aren’t forever.
neither am I.


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