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Trends that are here to stay!!

One of my favorite trend, that doesn’t seem to go out of style are oriental prints! Be it dresses or plazzo pants; they just never seem to go out of style! I personally love oriental printed pants; I think they compliment tall people really well. And also it’s just really nice to see prints everywhere. SO LOUD!
Another trend that doesn’t seem to end are PEPLUM, be it peplum dresses, blazers, tops or skirts. According to me, the best part about PEPLUM are that they manage to give you a very feminine touch. Personally; I think owning a peplum dress is a MUST this season!
This may seem like a very minor detailed trend; but LACES seem to add a very delicate and feminine touch to any outfit. If you’re going mellow and romantic this summer; lacy dresses or shirts are the thing for you.
Animal prints just DON’T seem to go outta style! Yet another one of my favorite trend, especially Leopard prints đŸ˜‰

Keep it loud ladies! x

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