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Photography: Something personal.

The concept of photography differs from person to person. For some it may just be capturing moments and reliving them at some point, for others it may be considered to be art. Being a media student; I believe in creating art through my pictures. I will admit that when I started photography I didn’t realize how addicted I would get. Its been 3 years since I’ve been pursuing this hobby, but with time it’s turning into something personal and more. In the past 9 months; I didn’t touch my camera cause, well; I was going through some rough patches. But after the longest time; I managed to pick up my camera and go out exploring. And well the picture above is one of the amazing things I saw yesterday. The feeling of just being out there on my own with my camera felt SO good after so long. And well after yesterday; I regret missing out some amazing shots during those nine months. With time; photography for me has turned into something personal. My pictures are mainly inspired with everything around me. I’m no expert and I can’t define photography through words; but I let my pictures define it. With time I’ve seen how much this field has grown; and it only makes me happy to see so many people out there capturing the beauty of this world. I remember the time when the only girl who was interested in photography; was this talented girl in school in my class, who happened to turn into one of my good friends later. Her name is Mina, at the time, she was the only girl that i knew of; who was so passionate about photography. Her pictures inspired people. I know this, cause at some point it inspired me. So remembering that time & looking at upcoming photographers now, I think its amazing that well most of the people are trying to explore this field. 
Once again, I’m no expert; I’m just a girl with a camera who loves to explore the beauty of life. Learning about photography is like a way to escape all the stress in the world. And I guess that’s how its supposed to be.

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