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Food Review | Butler’s Chocolate Cafe, Lahore

Hello food lovers!

Quite recently I flew to Lahore, Pakistan to get a few work things sorted. It was a short trip so I only had a day to myself in which I got to try out the Butler’s Chocolate Cafe. Lahore is well known for food! There is plenty of variety when it comes to food as compared to other cities in Pakistan.  It’s located on MMAlam Road, Lahore. And is not only a chocolate bar but also serves food.

 I went here right after shopping, which meant that I was quite hungry but I didn’t want to over order cause I always end up not finishing it so I decided to keep it simple & ordered Chicken strips with honey mustard sauce along with waffles & ‘frosty lady’ (the beautiful blue drink that I happen to remember the name of lol)


My thoughts: 

Over all, I was very happy with the food( I mean who doesn’t love chicken strips!). The drink was refreshing & minty which is exactly what I needed to de-stress! And the waffles were perfect even though the four slices were quite alot & I couldn’t really finish it. On the other hand, however , I feel that the interior was a little too basic which is why I got a table outside. And considering the fact that it was a chocolate cafe not alot of attention was given to the chocolates mainly cause of the variety of food on the menu.


Food: 4.5/5

Atmosphere: 3/5

Pricing: 4/5

Service: 4.5/5

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  1. Reading this made me miss Lahore instantly! I’ve only ever been to Pakistan once and I was instantly in love with Lahore and everything about it! Thanks for taking me back to memory lane 🙂

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