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2015 wardrobe must haves!

Hello my fashionistas!
The first month of 2015 is upon us and we’re half way through it. And I’ve been thinking about what should be the absolute must haves for this month.
It’s obvious that I’ll keep posting ‘wardrobe must have’ posts every month through out the year. But for now, let’s make it through January. 
1) Pastel Jackets
Image Courtesy: Forever 21

Be it a trench coat or collar less coat or open front jacket, the idea is to buy 
them in light or pastels colors. They look chic and effortless. Forever 21 has a whole section on pastel coats so make sure to check their stores.
2) Midi Rings
Image Courtesy: Forever 21

Midi Rings have been trending since Summer last year and I’m pleased to say that it still is one of the few must haves of this month. So keep investing in them, it’s totally worth it. 
3) Ear Cuffs

Gold 3 Ring Chain Earcuff | New Look
Image Courtesy: New look
Pink Crystal Earcuff and Stud Earring | New Look
Image Courtesy: New look

Ear Cuffs have been one of my favorite pieces of jewellery ever since I was a little girl. During the 90’s I would always see my sisters buying ear cuffs every now and then.  I love how this trendy piece of jewellery is finally making a come back in style! New look is one of the stores that has a variety of ear cuffs. Other than that, if you live in Dubai, then Global Village is another place where you can find plenty of these! 
4) Funky Kicks
Image Coutesy: Steve Madden 

Funky kicks!
Quite frankly, living in Dubai where it’s not too cold during winters, I’m honestly tired of repeating boots this season. So I think it’s wise to invest in some statement sneakers and mix it up a bit!
5) Skater Skirts
Black Knitted Check Skater Skirt  | New Look
Image Courtesy: New look
Skater Skirts!
Pairing up skirts with stockings is one of my favorite looks this month. I personally think it’s effortless and can be put together easily. A plain top and checked or printed skater skirt with stockings and boots and you’re ready to go!

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