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Style diaries: Jumpsuits are still trending in Pakiland!

One of the hottest trend that was introduced earlier this year in Pakistan, were jumpsuits. One of the great things about the fashion industry in this country is that they happen to be more welcoming towards new trends and somewhat manage to add a touch of culture to it.

Personally, I find jumpsuits super comfy and it happens to be my ‘save choice’ outfit during days when I can’t get myself to doll up!

Being in Pakistan, for a mini vacay this month; I happen to notice how this trend is still around. Most of the local designers are designing them mainly because its commonly worn around here now.

The idea of pairing up a jumpsuit with a maxi cardigan has really caught my attention which tempted me to design my own (which is currently under progress; pictures up soon darlings!).

This style is carried off well by slim, tall girls mostly. It’s not a style that can be carried off by all figures. The combination of western style and Pakistani style has indeed created one of the best trends of the year!


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