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BlogLovin’: Past, Present, whaaaaa?

The past, present and future, three words that tend to haunt most of us, including me. They say every mistake made in the past helps you grow, helps you understand and realize, how is it that no matter how much we move forward, there comes a point where we step back and get haunted by all the mistakes, the ones you can’t take back or erase. More importantly, are we really learning a lesson from all those mistakes? How do we know for sure?

The past can be really messed up sometimes, it can stop you from moving forward by the end of it you just find yourself in an endless zone of never ending thoughts.. That makes you think about things like fate and destiny, and how different things would be in the present if you chose differently, or correctly in the past. No matter how carefree we live in our present, it will always have an impact on our tomorrow, and I guess that’s the crappy bit of it.

The real question though is, how can one be ‘OKAY’ with the past?

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