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Blog lovin’ : self pampering time!!

Alright so I’m not gona lie to you; I go through plenty of mood swings a day and well when I finally reach my super pissed off mode; all I do is take a long relaxing bath! Self pampering is one of the most important things according to me! I love the idea of buying new face and hair products and trying them out every week. Considering the fact that I have a number of submissions next week and I’m having a hard time getting done with ’em I now officially call myself a lazy couch potato lol! But anyway I’d recommend everyone to first go out and buy some nice scented candles along with fruity exfoliating body scrubs, a nice novel and ice cold lemonade!! I usually prefer just really cold icy water but lately the heat is just really getting to me hence the lemonade! This is by far the best way to change your mood and feel relaxed!! 

xx Msloud

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